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Lure Young Master Wolf

Lure Young Master Wolf



A well-designed conspiracy, she accidentally ran into his arms and hurt her since then. It is said that the sixth young master of Beiming’s family is a man raised by a wolf, fierce and cruel. She nodded tearfully, “Too fierce and cruel.” “Do you know what one of the most important attributes of a wolf is?” “what?” “Confirming a partner will love her forever!” Bei Minghan, a well-known wealthy young man in Mingcheng, an ancient and mysterious descendant of the Beiming family, is rumored to be cruel and cruel, but he is alone in favoring her…

Bab 1 Chapter 1: Keep the door for the Lord

Peng Pan looked at Gu Qingxin's back, and a chill flashed in his eyes. Gu Qingxin don't blame me. If you want to blame, you can only blame the wrong fetus, which disturbed some people!

Gu Qingxin carefully hid herself in the cabinet, holding the small camera tightly in her hand, a swell of heat rose in her body, like a fire burning her, making her feel dry and dry, even The breath I spit out is hot...

She raised her hand and wiped the sweat from her forehead, her white cheeks slowly turned red, and a few strands of hair were wet with sweat and stuck to her cheeks. She couldn't help but raised her hand and slapped her face strongly. .

With a "click", the door was pushed open, and Gu Qingxin was so scared that she held her breath. Although she knew that people outside could not see herself, she still couldn't help but shrank in, hoping that people outside could be happy. Just start, she can take a few photos and leave.

The plot obviously did not develop in the direction expected in advance. She heard the heavy footsteps walking in her direction from far to near.

Gu Qingxin was nervous and uncomfortable. She wanted to take her away because of the heat wave, and she kept exhaling uncomfortably...

"Bang!" The cabinet door was opened with a sound of "bang!" Gu Qingxin was taken aback. He raised his head and saw the man standing outside the cabinet door...

"It turned out to be hiding here! Little baby, wait in a hurry, let my brother take care of you tonight!" The man was fat and fat, and his smile was particularly wretched.

Gu Qingxin looked at the man who reached out to him in surprise. There was a momentary blank in his mind. How could things become like this? Isn't it about taking evidence? How did this man stretch his paw to himself?

Without time to think about it, Gu Qingxin smashed the camera in her hand at him, and the man conditioned his head to avoid it. She couldn't care about anything, she rushed out and pushed the man away...

As soon as Gu Qingxin ran two steps, someone hugged her waist. She yelled in panic, "Let go of me! Help!"

"Scream, scream, the louder you scream, the elder brother is more excited, but I advise you to save some strength, and elder brother will make you scream louder in a while." The man's mouth moved towards her.

Gu Qing almost vomited out in disgust, she lowered her head like crazy and bit her hand on the man's arm around her, and there was a pig-killing cry behind her.

"Smelly watch, I dare to bite Lao Tzu, I must kill you tonight!" The wretched man became angry and raised his hand to fall.

Gu Qingxin forced herself to calm down, her eyes turned cold, and she almost exhausted all of her strength. She lifted her foot and kicked the man's body hard...

A scream of "Wow" sounded, the wretched man's pained face was distorted, and the hand holding Gu Qingxin involuntarily released, and Gu Qingxin escaped the room in embarrassment.

The elevator door opened, and she rushed in without even thinking about it. Before closing the door, she saw the wretched man chasing him out, cursing incessantly.

The coldness of the elevator wall made her feel a little more comfortable. Gu Qing shivered and took out her mobile phone. Without even thinking about it, she dialed a number, "A Ling, come and save me."

"Gu Qingxin, no matter what tricks you are playing? I have no time to play with you!"

The man's voice was indifferent with disgust, and before Gu Qingxin could speak again, he hung up the phone to the convenience.

The blind tone on the phone made her feel desperate.

The elevator suddenly opened the door with a "ding"...

At the same time, four well-trained bodyguards crowded a tall man toward the elevator...

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